My Customer Cloud Dashboard

My Customer Cloud is no longer accepting new registrations. If you are with a library, educational or non-profit organization and are interested in unlimited chat and knowledge base product with integrated SMS, join over 600 other libraries and non-profits at LibraryH3lp.

This dashboard contains helpful information for current My Customer Cloud customers. We highly recommend that you follow us on Twitter as we use that to announce system status messages.

Quick Links


Use the admin site to manage your service (creating other users, creating queues, designing widgets, monitoring system activity, running reports).

Use the webchat client or any Jabber chat client (like Pidgin, Adium, Digsby, etc) to actually staff your service.

Pam and Amy handle day-to-day support through email, phone (877-844-5371) and chat. This includes questions about your account or for assistance troubleshooting any specific issues.